Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

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Product: Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

Origin: Tibet’s Naqu

Efficacy: Balances the “yin” and “yang” bodily function. Fights colds and coughs and improves vitality.

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Our Physicians

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an ancient medical system consisting of a unique blend of natural science, philosophy and five thousand years of clinical experience. Today, the wisdom of TCM accumulated over the years has continued to prove itself relevant and beneficial to human health.

Instead of  focusing on symptomatic relief, TCM applies a holistic approach to treat the root causes of illnesses while at the same time alleviating the symptoms.  All living organisms in the world are inter- dependent on each other and the environment.  Wise as the ancient healers are, they understood that the same theory can be applied to the human body.  TCM physicians view every aspect of a person’s body, mind, spirit, and emotion as part of a complete entity rather than isolated issues to be addressed individually.  An unhealthy mind will eventually lead to an unhealthy body and vice versa, and according to the principles of TCM, illnesses occur due to an imbalance of “Yin” and “Yang” in the human body.

At Sinchong, our experienced and qualified physicians provide TCM consultation services in English and/or Chinese.  We understand that no two patients are the same.  Hence, herbal treatments meant to restore the balance to individual patients are prescribed according to the principles of TCM, based on the condition of each patient.  For patients who are not able to brew their own concoction but would still like to benefit from TCM treatment, we also provide herbal brewing services for your convenience.

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Internal Medicine

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