Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

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Product: Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

Origin: Tibet’s Naqu

Efficacy: Balances the “yin” and “yang” bodily function. Fights colds and coughs and improves vitality.

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Floral Tea Series

Floral teas are harvested by hand from natural flowers and dried to preserve their natural taste, aroma and goodness. They are usually 100% caffeine free.  Different types of floral teas have different medicinal efficacies.  Generally speaking, the fragrance of floral teas can often refresh you, thus making them a great relaxing beverage.


At Sinchong, we offer a wide assortment of floral teas, giving you a wider choice to suit any individual taste.

Floral Tea Series:

1. Tribute Chrysanthemum

Relieves common cold and fever, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.


 2. Baby Tribute

Relieves common cold and fever, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. Enhances vision.


3. Roselle

Reduces pigmentation and improves complexion. Relieves anxiety. Regulates blood circulation.


4. Rose

Relieves anxiety. Regulates blood circulation and improves complexion.


5. Franch Rose

Regulates liver and digestive systems. Relieves anxiety. Improves complexion.


6. Sweet Osmanthus Flower

Relieves cough, reduces phlegm, reduces swelling and relieves anxiety.


7. Lavender

Relieves anxiety and pain. Improves memory. Anti-inflammatory. Improves complexion.


8. Globe Amaranth Flower

Reduces fatigue and anxiety, regulates hormones and menstrual cycle. Slows aging.


9. Ginseng Flower

Improves vitality and stamina, reduces fatigue. Relieves thirst. Regulates hormones and menstrual cycles.


10. Apple Flower

Improves blood circulation, hydrates the body, reduces menstrual cramps.


11. Noto Ginseng Flower

Anti-inflammatory and facilitates detoxification. Improves vision. Lowers blood lipids and blood pressure.


12. Rosemary

Reduces fatigue, headaches and stomach distension. Improves memory and prevents hair loss.


13. Peach Blossom

Promotes blood circulation and increases bowel movements. Diuretic.


14. Peony

Nourishes blood and liver functions, relieves anxiety, reduces pigmentation and anti-aging.

15. Lily Flower

Nourishes lungs and body fluids. Relieves anxiety.


16. Jasmine

Improves vision, reduces heatiness and relieves thirst. Diuretic.


17. Carnation

Improves complexion, improves vision, relieves stress and anxiety.


18. Honeysuckle Flower

Relieves common cold and fever, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.


19. Sea-lavender

Relieves “heatiness”, facilitates detoxification, improves vision, blood circulation and complexion.


20. RedPlum

Relieves anxiety, reduces “heatiness”, improves blood production and digestive systems, aids in reducing pigmentation and acne.