Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

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Product: Tianbao Premium Cordyceps

Origin: Tibet’s Naqu

Efficacy: Balances the “yin” and “yang” bodily function. Fights colds and coughs and improves vitality.

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  • Floral Tea Series

    Floral teas are harvested by hand from natural flowers and dried to preserve their natural taste, aroma and goodness. They are usually 100% caffeine free.  Different types of floral teas have different medicinal efficacies.  Generally speaking, the fragrance of floral teas can often refresh you, thus making them a great relaxing beverage.


    At Sinchong, we offer a wide assortment of floral teas, giving you a wider choice to suit any individual taste.

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  • Powder Series

    To bring Traditional Chinese Medicine more accessible to you, Tianbao brand has launched of a series of herbs powder. These herbs powder can be consumed by mixing with water or just like that, making TCM very affordable and convenient for busy individuals like you.

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